LCD Projector TV Reviews 2012

LCD Projector TV Buying Guide 2011.  Best LCD Projectors.

Get the home theater right in your own home that you always wanted.

RankLCD Projector TVPriceRead Review
1.Epson 8500 UBEpson 8500ub LCD Projector$2159.88Revolutionary Super Resolution technology brings movie content to life ... Epson Home Cinema 8500 UB LCD Projector Review
Panasonic ptae3000u LCD Projector

Panasonic ptae3000u LCD Projector

$2799.99Using this Panasonic projector will enhance your TV viewing experience ... Panasonic ptae3000u LCD Review
Epson 6500ub LCD Home Projector

Epson 6500ub LCD Projector

$3499.99An auto iris function will enhance the speed and quality on this projector ... Epson 6500UB LCD Projector Review
Sanyo plv z3000 LCD Projector

Sanyo plv z3000 LCD Projector

$1999.00The PLV-Z3000 is a super-fast 120Hz Full HD 1080p LCD Projector that features SANYO's exclusive a color management system, an ultra-high contrast ratio of 65,000:1, an advanced lens shifting function and a quiet fan system ... Sanyo PLV Z3000 LCD Review
epson home theater 1080ub lcd projector

Epson 1080ub LCD Projector

$3684.80Incredible blacks, depth and detail - C2Fine technology to achieve the deepest blacks without sacrificing detail ... Epson Home Theater LCD Projector Review

LCD Projector TV Buying Guide 2011.  Best LCD Projectors.

Video projection is awesome for viewing DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD movies and for big events, such as the Super Bowl.

An LCD projector can project any video image with liquid crystal clarity—including television. If you already have cable or satellite TV installed, an LCD projector can give you the equivalent of a big screen TV set. You just need to make sure the projector can connect to your receiver box through an RCA component (red, green and blue) or composite (yellow, white and red) cables.  Add speakers to project the sound, and you can turn your entertainment room into a small, personal cinema.

The LCD projectors recommended above are ready to be turned into the home theatre you’ve dreamed of.  Check ’em out.

A lot of people are figuring out that a LCD projector is a great way to watch TV, movies, and sporting events.  A LCD projector as your TV can make sense from almost every angle.

Make sure you have a wall available that can easily be used to project a much larger picture from your LCD projector TV. Initially, everyone thinks the need some type of screen, again this is limiting and does not take advantage of the versatility of the projector. A plain white wall can work just fine or course certain colors will enhance the depth of the picture.  But, if you want a premium viewing experience, spring the extra money and get a projection screen.

Prices of LCD projectors are falling and you can easily find bargains.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if you click on the LCD projectors above if the prices have come down since the last time I updated them.  Refurbished or used LCD projectors will save you money as well and are available via  the links above.  Just remember projector bulbs have a finite life, so make sure you’re getting a sizable discount if you’re going the used LCD projector TV route.  You can always replace your LCD projector TV bulb, so if the price is right on a used LCD projector TV go for it.

It seems as if LCD Projectors are becoming feature rich at a faster pace than TVs, especially for HD LCD projectors.  Some people think you can get twice the value in an LCD projector than you can in a similiar priced Plasma or LCD TV.

One tip, get the highest resolution LCD projector that your budget allows. Nothing looks better than watching a movie on a 100 inch screen in 1080p!